The path to learning.

It often begins with an "out-of-the-blue" diagnosis.  That dreaded message that you have a malignancy begins a long journey that is comprised of not only treatment, but learning as well.  Hopefully this journal and the web sites listed elsewhere here will help you in your quest for knowledge that will enable you to be your own best advocate.   When I first heard that I had breast cancer (Spring of 2010), it was not the first time the dreaded "C" had visited me. So I was a little ahead of the game in the knowledge department, but worse off in the "risk factor department". Of all the attributes I have, I truly believe that my sense of humor served me almost as well as my faith in my doctors.  Laughter truly is a powerful medicine.

According to a Komen newsletter (November, 2011), every three minutes, one woman in the U.S. is diagnosed with breast cancer.  Every thirteen minutes, one woman in the U.S. will die of breast cancer.  This year, it struck close to home again.  My sister was diagnosed with uterine cancer and is undergoing radiation. We must find a cure.  

Visit the sites listed here on my website and many others for information on how to do everything to protect yourself and prevent this dreaded disease.

Now that I am approaching the three-year mark and feel great, I'm even more committed to encouraging everyone -- men as well as women -- to follow  routine self exams and the mammograms recommended by your personal physician.  There is a wealth of information on the web to help in the prevention of many forms of cancer.  Some of those sites are listed here.

Take good care of yourself; follow your doctor's advice; and no matter what happens, be strong in spirit and laugh when you can.  It is a powerful tool in the arsenal you'll need to fight cancer.

Remember, life isn't a dresss rehearsal; it's the real thing, so live each day to the fullest.

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