From the steamy Florida Glades to the frozen West Virginia mountains, here are eight short stories full of local color, suspense and pathos.
The eight stories in Frog Poop are of various lengths: the first four take place in the Florida Everglades; the next two are mysteries, and the last two touch upon family dynamics and emotions.  The Florida Everglades are like no other place on the planet and the author has tried to incorpIllustrated By Erika Dykesorate some of the rich flavor and history of the area in the tales that take place there.

Meet the mysterious gentleman hermit of the Ten Thousand Islands and the shady fisherman with a dubious cargo.

Sympathize with Grandpa as he prepares for a visit from his beloved kids and shiver with anticipation as an innocent woman tries to outwit her psychotic stalker.
Several of the stories in Frog Poop have won recognition in writing contests.



Although frogs in this selection of short stories have been treated with some humor and a little bit of reverence, there exists a present, very serious threat to Florida's native, harmless frogs. That is the result of the invasion of the Cuban treefrog which are now, according to University of Florida Extension Service, flourishing after two dry years.  

Able to produce as many as 15,000 eggs in one season and growing to six inches long, these frogs invade transformer boxes, power switches inside power poles, causing expensive blackouts and repairs. Not to mention the fecal deposits they leave. Even more alarming is the destructive effects on native species of amphibians and reptiles.

Check out the following link for information on how to identify and how to get rid of this dangerous invader: 




Illustrations by Erica Dykes

First printing published by ECity Publishing

Everglades, Florida

Printed by Whitehall Printing Company, Naples, FL

ISBN - 13 - 978-0-9716006-4-5

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