The Kroopenpopper Series Continues with Another Adventure
Thursday, October 29, 2009 at 04:58PM
Virginia Saalman


People often ask about what makes a really fun children's book.  I think that a few magical elements such as fantasy and fright, combined with a plot line that is easy to understand, will entertain children of all ages.  Throw in a little educational material -- such as facts about the Everglades -- and that's a real plus.

Kroopenpopper-An Everglades Adventure has been well received in Florida and elsewhere.  Many thanks to the many grandparents, parents, and children who have enjoyed this new series and who anxiously await the release of the next adventure.   After three printings, we have decided not to reprint.  So I will keep the remaining copies on my bookshelf for our growing family of children.

Kroopenpopper - An Adventure Starring Squeasel the Weasel, Tiny Jim, and Queen Davinia

It looks like the Kroopenpoppers have decided to stay in the Everglades a little longer, just in time to meet Tiny Jim, and to have an unexpected adventure with a nasty weasel named Squeasel, and Davinia, Queen of all Fairies in the land of Narruc on the planet Reyas. 



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