Kroopenpopper - A Journey to the Land of Narruc is now finished and ready for distribution.  Brilliant color illustrations and a fun, suspenseful storyline make this, the second of the Kroopenpopper tales, a must read for everyone from pre-K to ?.  More pages to read and more illustrations to delight than appeared in the first Kroopenpopper book.

In this adventure, Mary and Tommy Kroopenpopper travel through space with Queen Davinia, Queen of all the fairies, to Narruc on the Planet Reyas.  But a vicious weasel named Squeasel and his band of coldblooded followers have other ideas for the fairies.  Mary and Tommy risk their own safety as they try to help the Queen outwit the evil Squeasel.  Tiny Jim makes his first appearance in this story.

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