Kroopenpopper - An Everglades Adventure         RELEASE DATE:  November 20, 2009


First in a series of Kroopenpopper family adventures, this children's book targets ages 4-8+.

Set in a small town in the Florida Everglades, youngsters Mary and Tommy Kroopenpopper let caution give way to curiosity as they accompany Mr. Bear into the swamp to find the home of Earl and Pearl Squirrel.

Along the way, the children are joined by other animals of the Everglades and a few critters that most likely would be found there only in fiction.

Filled with ineresting, authentic facts about the region, the story also introduces a never-before-seen monster that threatens the children as they race back home before night falls in the swamp.

A question and answer sheet, includng facts about the Florida Everglades, is available on request.

The book is delightfully illustrated by artist/illustrator, Pattie Tedesco Jones, New Sight Art, Palm Coast, Florida.

Retail price: $15.00 plus tax (where applicable) - Discounted for vendor and other bulk orders

ISBN:   978-0-9821938-0-8                        

Library of Congress Control Number:  2009938140

Published by MoSon Publishing, Naples, Florida

Printed by Whitehall Printing Company, Naples, Florida